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Why Boosting My Son's Immune System Is the Most Important Thing in the World


Our story started in 2005 when my beautiful son was born. When he was four weeks old we knew something was not right, and we rushed him to hospital. This is when our nightmare with liver disease started. My son was born with a rare disease called Billary Atresia. His bile ducts were not formed and his gall bladder was blocked. After a failed operation at 5 weeks old, the only hope he had for survival was a liver transplant.

Today my son is almost 9 years post-transplant and apart from a couple of operations he is doing well. I have spent most part of these years making sure that both my children are kept well and strong.

Boosting his immunity has been my biggest job. I remember when he started school I was a mess. There were so many bugs going around, and I was petrified he would catch something. All I could think of was the echoing sounds of the doctors saying “rejection.” I do not believe that the other parents fully understood the impact of chicken pox, tummy bugs or even strep would have on my precious child.

During those first months of school we spent many days in and out of the hospital, and each time my son was treated with caution just in case he was going through rejection. I felt sick in the stomach, especially when the doctors continuously stuck needles in my son for blood or to start IV medication. Enough was enough, and something had to be done. This was my turning point on making a change in the way we were going to raise our children.

From then on I did all I could to ensure my son was kept safe. I studied nutrition, and I implemented everything I was taught into our lives. Boosting my son’s immunity became my priority as I never wanted to see him in pain again.

When my daughter was born we started addressing her health and nutrition from day one. She went through nursery and school with minimal sickness, and I truly believe that by focusing on the right foods and lifestyle choices we had made a positive impact on her health and wellbeing.

I will continue to do what I can to ensure my children are kept healthy. Some people may think I am overprotective, but wouldn’t you be if it meant your child could be saved from rejection?

Nishma is a health coach residing in Texas. She starting her nutrition career in London, UK and moved to Texas with her family last year. Nishma’s line of expertise is children’s health and mother’s wellbeing.


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